Heber man unable to access $900 winnings on gambling app

Bob Herber is a gambler who likes to play high-stakes poker, and you can find him on YouTube proudly boasting about wagering. “My name is Bob Herber. I qualified for this event,” he said about a poker tournament he was attending. “This is a dream come true. This is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

When he’s not at a poker table, you’ll find Bob inside his Heber home watching sports and using a sports app to bet. “What’s your vice? What do you like to bet on?” 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. “I like football. I used to be a season ticket holder for the Chargers because I lived in Southern Cal,” Bob explained. Bob says his favorite sports app is DraftKings because he says they seem to have a lot of incentives. “Well, they offered a good bonus to start off. You put down a deposit, and they’ll add money to your account.”

Using DraftKings, Bob bet small and eventually bankrolled those bets into nearly $900. But Bob says for unknown reasons, DraftKings locked his account, meaning he couldn’t bet any more or access his $900. “They basically kidnapped my money and waiting for the ransom,” Bob says he’s tried numerous times over two weeks to get DraftKings to unlock his account but couldn’t. So, he contacted 3 On Your Side. “I’m helpless right now. I don’t know who else to turn to.”

3 On Your Side got a hold of DraftKings and asked them to look into Bob’s account. After all, he wanted access to the $900 that he had won. They didn’t share details as to why they initially blocked his account. But after my inquiry, they immediately lifted the block, giving this gambler access to his $900. ‘I’ve been trying to get to my money for weeks, and it took Gary Harper one phone call to make it happen. Sure glad I contacted 3 On Your Side.”

DraftKings was very responsive and great to work with. No word on why the account was initially blocked for weeks, but this viewer says he is back to betting, and he’s happy.